#30dayswritingchalleng day 10: Does a "Best Friends" excist?

When I was a kid, I always believed that best friends are those who stay with me in the good and bad. Well, things happened and I think that was not really right. Why? Because now I believe that best friends are those who support me—actively or silently. You know what I mean, right?

Being adult teaches me so much indeed. You can’t decide something so easily. However, quarter life crisis teaches me more than adultness. I mean, you have your own world and so does your friend. So, is “best friends” still exists? That is the big question to answer, trust me.

Here’s the thing. You are in 25th and world keeps moving on its own. You live in a society that makes human do a race, a live race. Every human being told to be the best because world does not accept the weak. Even if you are weak since you were a baby. You also live in a family that compare their kids, tell them to defeat each other and to being number one. Is human that perfect?

In other words, you and your friends; my friends and I are enemies. Where is the “friend” then? I am still questioning this by the way, feel free to tell me the answer if you have one.

A wise man said “the enemies of your enemies are your friends,” so maybe we can keep this a the base answer for my question earlier. Fortunately, this concept just passed through my thought while I am writing this. So, you can ignore this.

Actually I have some best friends. They are kind and interesting people for me. Let’s say they make my world full of color. If you don’t mind, maybe I can tell you a story.

We met in the junior high school as we were in the same class. He is downtown person and I am the midtown one, so we have never met each other before. I remember back then in the old days, we always wear school hat every day. The blue and tight hat covered my face when I pass through a group of senior in the corridor.

Bully, back then was normal. I always tried to avoid my senior. Even if I had to eat and my seniors were in the canteen, I chose to let my stomach starving for a longer time. Why? Because if I came to the canteen, I might lose my money.

I think he had the same feeling like me. And that’s a little story about my best friend. I can’t tell you his name ‘cause I bet he will be angry. But this article can be some kind of test for me, to write in English. Because I used to do that before.

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